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Developed in collaboration with the German Heart Center at Charite (DHZC), Nova Heart creates a living digital twin of a patient’s heart from a 2-D transthoracic echocardiogram.
Nova Heart combines an anatomically accurate patient-specific 3-D model and an intracardiac hemodynamics model calculating heart chamber volume and pressures in real-time based on patient-specific parameters.
To highlight the capabilities of Nova Heart, we have developed a detailed atrial septal defect model, offering a clear demonstration of the product and clinical use cases.


Synthesizing pivotal echocardiographic parameters within coherent patient reports to not only visualize anomalies and key trends in parameters but also empower clinicians with swift access to and comprehension of the most clinically pertinent information, saving a significant amount of time.
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Nova Heart provides medical professionals and students with a platform to simulate various cardiac pathology, edit physiological parameters, and see changes in real time in an immersive and interactive experience. 

The advanced 3D visualization, real-time data manipulation, and a comprehensive patient information repository let users interactively engage with virtual patients, transcending conventional learning methods.

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