Digital Twin of the Heart

Nova Heart creates a living digital twin of a patient’s heart from a 2D transthoracic echocardiogram. Nova Heart combines an anatomically accurate patient-specific 3D model and an intracardiac hemodynamics model calculating heart chamber volume and pressures in real-time based on patient-specific parameters.

Saving time

20 min per patient

Improving quality

through standardisation of echo procedures

Improving understanding, education and patient engagement

Built by leading cardiologists

Developed in collaboration with the German Heart Institute at Charite (DHZC), Nova Heart is firmly rooted in robust clinical and scientific principles.

How it works

Nova Heart is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing care pathway without the need for any additional hardware or new manual processes. The software can ingest echocardiogram parameter data from various sources (dependent on your infrastructure and workflow setup) and immediately generate the digital twin model of the patient’s heart.

Data and Cyber Security

At AIBODY, we take the security of your patient data, infrastructure and digital assets with the utmost seriousness.. We have a comprehensive cybersecurity framework which we regularly audit and improve on, and we maintain a Cyber Essentials official certification by the IASME Consortium.
  • No sensitive identifiable patient data ever leaves your secure hospital environment
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • No installation required (secure web app)
  • Germany based cloud infrastructure

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