Introducing Nova Heart: A Milestone Innovation for Cardiology Care

September 27, 2023


We are thrilled to unveil Nova Heart, our revolutionary cardiology-centric digital twinning solution, developed in collaboration with the renowned German Heart Center at Charite (DHZC). This groundbreaking technology stands at the cusp of significantly transforming patient care and monitoring approaches for structural heart diseases.

Innovative Approach:

Nova Heart creates a dynamic digital twin of a patient’s heart utilizing 2-D transthoracic echocardiogram data. It amalgamates an anatomically precise 3-D model with a sophisticated intracardiac hemodynamics model. This model computes heart chamber volumes, pressures and cardiac output in real-time, aligning with the specific patient parameters.

Intuitive Patient Reports:

Nova Heart synthesizes pivotal echocardiographic parameters within coherent patient reports. These reports not only highlight anomalies and key trends in parameters but also empower clinicians with swift access to and comprehension of the most clinically pertinent information, saving them a significant amount of time and enhancing their ability to make informed decisions regarding patient care.

Immersive Learning & Simulation Platform:

Beyond its clinical applications, Nova Heart serves as an immersive learning platform for medical professionals and students. It allows users to simulate diverse cardiac pathologies, modify physiological parameters, and observe real-time alterations. The advanced 3D visualization, real-time data manipulation, and a comprehensive patient information repository let users interactively engage with virtual patients, transcending conventional textbook learning.

Broad-Spectrum Applications:

While our inaugural applications are centered around congenital heart disease pathology, the versatility and non-invasiveness of Nova Heart position it as a favorable candidate for widespread acceptance among cardiologists. It provides a seamless blend of precision medicine, augmented visualization, meticulous treatment planning, and proactive patient monitoring & engagement, all aimed at cost-effectively optimizing patient outcomes.

Engage with Nova Heart:

We warmly invite you to explore the diverse possibilities Nova Heart offers. Contact us for a demo and delve deeper into how Nova Heart can elevate the capabilities of you and your team in delivering unparalleled cardiology care.

Warm Regards,

Dr Aaron Smith
Chief Medical Officer

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