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What we do?

Organism level simulations

Simulate pathologies and injuries as well as impact of treatment across different organ systems.

Flexible virtual patient simulations for structural heart disease

Simulate cardiac performance for virtually unlimited range of patients, under different pathologies and conditions

Flexible virtual patient simulations for pharmacokinetics

Simulate the organism’s interaction with any substance for virtually unlimited range of patients

Supercharging educators

Create detailed physiology simulations via a simple chat interface. By integrating Large Language Models into our technology, we create powerful and highly interactive simulation-based learning tools. This integration turns our software into an AI powered resource capable of offering unlimited flexibility in crafting custom teaching and learning experiences.

   + Large Language Models


An educator can:

Interact with AIBODY’s detailed simulations through simple natural language (chat)
Effortlessly create custom virtual patient scenarios to be simulated with AIBODY
Enable an Al powered, digital teaching assistant, who can support learners and hold "Ask me anything" virtual sessions anytime, anywhere
Increase learner engagement while saving a lot of time by streamlining lesson & course planning and content creation

Building an AI powered education platform

Teach more in less time

Save thousands of hours of work on content creation and lesson planning
Gain insight into performance and optimize teaching

Learn more in less time

Learn in an immersive way, bridging the gap between basic science and clinical medicine in a structured environment
Learn based on your individual needs


Our technology is firmly rooted in science. Everything we create goes through rigorous validation processes to ensure the outputs of our models are aligned with the view of the scientific community.
We continuously update our validation procedures with the latest data, and you can see our publicly available validation documentation below.
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